July 16, 2018

Notes from July 15 Indivisible TC Meeting

July 15, 2018 Meeting Notes

  1. Lynne called the meeting to order at 10am. The 20 people present applauded the Workshop Brewery staff to thank them for the use of their space.

II. Actions:

  1. Call the Michigan Supreme Court (before Wednesday, (517) 373-0120) and ask if the VNP hearings on July 18 will be televised See VNP below.
  2. Call 7&4 News (231-995-5801) and Huntington Bank Head offices in Columbus (614-480-6834) to say, “Meet with our community group and Stop the must-run segments.  Local news needs to be local.”  See Sinclair Broadcasting below.
  3. Wednesday, July 18, 5:30pm. Rally at the Open Space.  Say No to Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Bring signs.  The Trump balloon will be there.
  4. From now until August 7, volunteer with political campaigns to canvass, call, and text.
  5. Every Wednesday, noon-1pm, Huntington Bank, West Front Street Branch. Rally to oppose must-run segments on 7&4 local news. See Sinclair Broadcasting below
  6. Sign up to stand by polling stations to support the Matt Morgan write-in effort on August 7.  Contact the Morgan campaign ( or 231.534.5303).
  7. Sign up to spread the word about Line 5.  See Line 5 below and see our Facebook page.
  8. Potential rally on August 9 in front of Huntington Bank if the FCC allows Sinclair/Tribune merger. 
  9. Consider buying an Indivisible T-shirt at Offer possibly ended on July 15).

III. Steering Committee Reports

  1. Chair: Lynne presented the agenda and commented on the huge turnout in London to protest Trump’s visit to Great Britain.
  2. Treasurer: Allen announced that after paying the annual fee for the webpage domain use and receiving approximately $109 previously collected by the environmental group and a donation of $40 which Berta collected by selling Indivisible pins, the balance in our Indivisible TC account is $403. 
  3. Secretary: Bill urged the group that with less than a month until the Michigan primary, we should focus our efforts on getting progressive candidates elected. 
  4. Outreach: Maggie commented that the three local Indivisible groups are working well together, as demonstrated by the large Indivisible turnouts at the Courthouse rally that protested the separation of children from families seeking asylum and last week’s Dr. Sayed’s campaign rally. 

IV. Issue Reports

VNP: Margaret announced the on Wednesday the Michigan Supreme Court (with its 5 Republican and 2 Democratic judges) will consider whether to allow the  non-partisan VNP petition to be placed on the November ballot.  Keli reported that she called the court and was able to tell someone involved with the lawyers in bringing this case to court that if the ballot measure is denied, at least 450,000 signers of the petition will be very angry. They will work to vote those involved in stopping the will of the people out of office. There will be a rally in Lansing on Wednesday, July 18, the day of the hearing.  After some discussion, the suggestion was made that we should all call the court and politely ask whether this hearing will be televised to show that we the people are concerned and are paying attention. 

Repeal and Replace Bergman: Keli is working with someone in Matt Morgan’s campaign to create large colored posters that show instructions of how to write-in Matt Morgan’s name for Congressional District 1.  We will work with the campaign to create a schedule for people to stand by at polling stations in our area. Contact Matt’s campaign to sign up.  We will distribute the posters at our next meeting.

Line 5:  Brenda has created a Google Doc for people to sign up for shifts to walk about on Front Street to discuss Line 5 issues with visitors during TCFF and the August Friday Night Live evenings.  Bill Latka of OWDM has informational material we can use. There is information about how to participate in this program on our Facebook page.  Besides educating people, we will be asking them to sign a petition against creating a tunnel for Line 5 (which people can also sign on-line).  People do not need to be Michigan residents to sign.  Also, we will remind people to vote only for candidates who support shutting down Line 5 now. 

Sinclair Broadcasting: There is a small, well-organized group of Indivisible members who are holding a rally in front of the West Front Street branch of Huntington Bank every Wednesday from noon until 1pm.  The bank is one of the advertisers for 7&4 news.  They have not been cooperative in responding to our request to hear us out and they have not shown willingness to contact the station to speak out against the must-run segments.  We will hold a rally (tentatively scheduled for August 9) if the FCC approves the proposed merger of Sinclair and Tribune.

Kavanaugh Scotus Selection: Senators Peters and Stabenow have both announced that they will vote against confirming him.

V. Unfinished Business:

2018 Meeting Dates:

Sunday, July 29, at Workshop Brewery

August 5 and 19 at Workshop Brewery

September 9 and 23 probably at Horizon Books

Remainder of the year: 1st and 3rd Sundays  at Workshop Brewery

VI. New Business:

  1. Jeff reported that Social Studies standards are being revised and a Republican candidate for governor (Colbeck) has pushed to make some very conservative changes, including disallowing the term democratic.  Apparently, there are details about this issue in several Bridge magazine articles.
  2. The Mueller-firing watch continues. In the event it occurs, we will hold a rally in accordance with the timing recommended by Currently, Rob Rosenstein appears under threat.  Lynne will be speaking with Senator Stabenow today at a Benzie County Dems fundraiser and will discuss these issues. 
  3. Jeff announced he is running for the TCAP School Board and he needs to collect 44 signatures by July 25.  People living within TC city limits were able to sign his petition today. 
  4. Ted raised the idea that we organize and support a town forum on behalf of the Munson nurses in their contract dispute.  The hospital administration and been sending out fliers advertising their view of the situation.  Keli and Jeff will contact nurses they know who might be interested in leading such an effort and inform them that we would share the organizing responsibility.

VII. Announcements:

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am. Thank you to everyone who attended.  Peace for all. The next meeting of Indivisible TC will be on July 29 at the Workshop Brewery at 10am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Gittlen, Secretary.