1. Indivisible Guide is our founding document.  Written by former Congressional staffers, it is a step by step guide for individuals, groups, and organizations to replicate the Tea Party’s success in getting Senators and Representatives of Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents. (
2. National Indivisible actions: A weekly list of actions to take along with individuals in Indivisible groups across the nation (
3. Indivisible GT: Another local Indivisible group with whom we closely partner.  Their weekly meeting minutes and recommended actions can be found here (
4. Rogans List:  A thorough, vetted actionlist compiled by former librarian Susan Rogan of Traverse City and her team for people who are upset with the current administration and want to become politically involved. (
5. 5 calls:  Easy and effective way for citizens and groups to make an impact on local and federal politics.. (
6. Oil and Water Don’t Mix (OWDM): A statewide consortium of non-profits, business owners, and individuals working to shut down Line 5.  The thorough and informative website announces activities and events related to LIne 5. (
7. GT Dems: Local political party working to move the political agenda in a more progressive direction. (
8. NMEAC: Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council). Oldest environmental grass-roots organization in NW Michigan working to protect our environment by education and advocacy on local issues such as land use/sprawl, protecting our water, and promoting clean, renewable energy. (
9. Northport Energy: Grassroots community group working to achieve 100% renewable energy for the entire Leelanau peninsula.  Excellent website with well-sourced clear educational material on clean, renewable energy. (
10. Groundworks Center:  Works to protect the environment, strengthen the economy and build community.  Their issues include local food and farming, transportation choices, clean energy, strong cities and towns. (
11. Climate Crocks: Nationally recognized website by filmmaker Peter Sinclair of Midland, Michigan that debunks climate deniers and provides cutting-edge scientific information on climate change and renewable energy. (
12. Midwest Energy News:  Non-profit site dedicated to keeping stakeholders, policymakers, and citizens informed of the important changes taking place as the Midwest shifts from fossil fuels to a clean energy system.  Recent articles on all matters of US policy on climate change and energy legislation and regulations are listed. (
13. Flow: A public trust policy and education center dedicated to protecting the common waters of the Great Lakes Basin through public trust solutions. (
14. Small Victories:  A weekly newsletter celebrating people-powered wins against the Trump administration’s agenda. (
15. The Workshop Brewing Company: The Workshop Brewery in Traverse City, Michigan serves delicious hand- crafted beer and food, with a focus on traditional recipes and delicious pairings.  They have offered us the use of their space on Sunday mornings without a fee. We encourage people to visit their establishment to thank them for their efforts toward building a better community. (


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