August 20, 2018

August 19, 2018 Indivisible TC Meeting Notes

August 19, 2018 Indivisible TC Meeting Notes

  • Actions and Events:
  • Tuesday, August 21, 6-8pm. Town Hall with Dan O’Neil and Jocelyn Benson. Scholars Hall, NMC.
  • Tuesday, August 21, 1:15pm.  Meeting of the Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting. UU Any interested Indivisible members are welcome to attend.
  • Wednesday, August 22, 6-8pm. Meet and Greet Dan and Matt. Rare Bird Brew Pub, TC.
  • Monday, August 27, 5pm. Matt Morgan’s Birthday Bash. Mt. Holiday.  $20/person, $40/family.
  • Sunday, September 1, Come to the shores of Grand Traverse Bay in solidarity with the 4th Annual Pipe Out Paddle Protest(at the Straits of Mackinac) for a paddle down the Boardman River and flotilla in West Bay.  9:00 AM– Meet at Union Street Dam Park and paddle down the Boardman River and into Lake Michigan. 10:00 AM– Meet at the Clinch Park Boat Launch and form a flotilla in West Bay. Non-boaters can meet at either location or join at Clinch Park Beach with a sign. Please wear a black shirt if possible. Sponsored by NMEAC.
  • Wednesday, September 6, 6pm. Professor Mathew Fletcher (Michigan State University College of Law and Director of the Indigenous Law and Policy Center) will speak about the legal history of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Leland Library. Presented by Leelanau Indivisible.
  • Saturday, September 8, 1pm. Rally for Climate, Jobs, Justice (a national event).  Open Space. Co-sponsored by NMEAC. Holly Bird and Percy Bird are guest speakers. 
  • Monday, September 10, 10:30am-12:30M. Writing post cards for Linda Pepper, at her home: 4306 Central Park Dr. Lunch and beverages provided. RSVP Linda (text or call 269-254-1603).
  • Wednesday, October 3, 10am for 2-4 hours.  Writing letters for Linda at Fellowship Hall, Interlochen.  Again, lunch and beverages provided. RSVP Linda.
  • Discussion
  1. Jim Page, our Democratic candidate for Michigan State Senator in the 37th district, presented his biography, explained his views and policy positions, and asked us to help him get elected.  After serving 6 years as a Marine, he spent 27 years teaching math and computer science in an Upper Peninsula middle school.  He is a Sierra Club member, sportsman and gun owner.  His positions are in keeping with a progressive agenda. He believes high quality education is of the utmost importance, and he supports the shutdown of Line 5, insuring clean drinking water for all, a livable minimal wage, protecting Michigan jobs and workers, and single payer health care for all. He will work to pass sensible gun laws, believing that there is no reason to allow military-style weapon sales to the public. A key difference between him and his Republican opponent, is that he will strongly support environmental protection, while Wayne Schmidt has consistently voted to allow industry control over our environmental laws. 

2. Emily Magner, the new northern Michigan coordinator of the League of Conservation Voters reported on her background and recent experience working for Planned Parenthood in Maine, where she was part of a team that went door-to-door to have deep discussions with voters.  She felt by first finding common ground through discussing the shared human values of caring, fairness, safety, and sanctity, she was able to hold meaningful discussions and in many cases, shift people’s political views. She is looking forward to organizing a similar effort here.

3.  Emma Jabour, the outreach liaison for Matt Morgan’s campaign, introduced herself. Individuals or groups hoping to get involved with Matt’s campaign can contact her at

4. Ted gave an update on the group involved with the Sinclair issues, the Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting  As the proposed merger of Sinclair and Tribune Media is now not likely to occur, both the rally and the gatherings outside of Huntington Bank are no longer taking place. This group will meet on Tuesday at the UU at 1:15pm to decide its next steps, which will most likely involve helping to get our local political candidates elected.  The group may go to candidates to inform them about the Sinclair issue and to ask them not to spend their advertising dollars with Sinclair. 

5. Lynn announced that she will retire from being the indivisible TC leader after the November election.  A discussion about the future of Indivisible TC followed, including whether to join forces with Indivisible GT.  IGT is not interested in formally merging, but those interested in attending their Tuesday noon meetings at the TC UU are welcome.  The Leelanau Indivisible group also welcomes our participation. The values, policy interests and actions are already shared by all three groups.  Members are also strongly encouraged to engage directly with any of the progressive candidates’ campaigns and to work toward passage of the VNP and Promote the Vote proposals.  

III. Adjournmant:

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am. Thank you to everyone who attended. The next meeting of Indivisible TC will be on Sunday, September 16 at the Workshop Brewery at 10am. The dates of further future meetings will be decided then. 

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Gittlen, Secretary.

August 15, 2018

Agenda for August 19 meeting at the Workshop

 Indivisible TC Agenda

Workshop Brewery

Sunday August 19, 2018

10:00 AM- 11:30 AM



  1. Chair – Retirement

B.   Treasurer

C.   Secretary

D.   Outreach


Voters Not Politicians (VPN)/Voters’ Rights

District 1: Repeal and Replace Bergman 

Environmental: Line 5 – Brenda & Berta

Sinclair Broadcasting – Going down for the count

Gun Violence 


A. Mailings for Linda Pepper – Text or call 269.254.1603

Postcards – Monday September 10th 

at 4306 Central Park Dr. Grawn

Start at 10:30 – About 2 hours – Lunch and Beverages provided

Letter – Wednesday October 3rd.

 at Fellowship Hall Interlochen

9700 Riley Rd. at “old” Library Building

10:00 a.m. – Plan 2- 4 hours: Lunch and Beverages provided


 A. Merger with IGT (Indivisible Grand Traverse)


What to Do with Facebook

What to Do with Website


6. OPEN MICROPHONE:– What are You Passionate About/ What New Information Do We Need?



  1. Rally for Climate, Jobs and Justice: Saturday September 8th 1:00 p.m. 

Open Space – Cosponsored by NMEAC 

Two Guest speakers – Holly Bird and Percy Bird

  1. Matt Morgan’s Birthday Bash – August 27th – Mt. Holiday – 5 p.m.

$20.00 per person, $40 per family

Food, yard games and plenty of cake

  1. Meet and Greet Dan and Matt

Rare Bird Brew Pub – Wednesday August 22nd  

6 – 8 p.m.  229 Lake VE. Traverse City 

  1. Town Hall with Jocelyn Benson and Dan O’Neil

Tuesday August 21st – 6 – 8 p.m. Scholars Hall NMC College Dr. TC



August 3, 2018

Notes of July 29, 2018 meeting

 Indivisible TC Agenda

Workshop Brewery

July 29, 2018

10:00 AM- 11:30 AM



  1. Chair – Meeting Changes – See below

B.   Treasurer

C.   Secretary

D.   Outreach


Voters Not Politicians (VPN)/Voters’ Rights -Waiting for Michigan Supreme Court ruling by August 7th – Will need canvassers

District 1: Repeal and Replace Bergman –Slip Out the Back Jack – Keep helping Matt Morgan’s campaign

Environmental: Line 5 – Brenda & Berta – Circulating during Film Festival – Get handouts at Groundworks upstairs. Wear only Line 5 apparel. Do not mix issues please.

Sinclair Broadcasting – Acquisition has hit a speed bump  – We are all delighted although there will be a meeting Tuesday July 31st at 1:15 at Unitarian Universalist Church to discuss SWAT team for quick response to changes.

Gun Violence 


A.  No meeting August 5th – Many people involved with GOTV

August 19th at Workshop Brewery – 10 – 11:30 a.m.

September 15th at Workshop Brewery 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Rest of Year is at Workshop on 1st & 3rd


A. Report on Families Belong Together demonstration yesterday – Some problems with a possible troll with a man whose sign said “Trump is Satan”. He also has a drum to play. Does anyone know who he is? Is he really a troll? Discussion of how to handle someone who seems to have another agenda.

B.  Postcards for Matt Morgan – Over 25 people addressed 500 postcards for Matt urging people to write in his name. 

C. Mailing for Linda Pepper: Wednesday Oct 3th at Fellowship Hall Interlochen – We will be sending out about 4000 pieces of mail. Start time is 10 a.m. and lunch and snacks will be provided. 

September 10th and 24th – This will be about a 600 postcard mailing at my house on Duck Lake – 4306 Central Park Dr. Grawn 49637

D. Movie on Flint Water Crisis “Nor Any Drop to Drink” 6:00 – 8:30 Bijou Sunday evening July 29th

E. GTDems Summer Convention August 11th Scholars Hall at NMC 10 – 12 a.m. with Mark Brewer

F. GTDems Annual Picnic noon to 3 p.m. at Civic Center Park August 18th

G. Leelanau Dems opened office at 101 Dame St. Sutton’s Bay on Friday July 27th

H. Leelanau Indivisible Meeting on August 9th at Leland Library at 6 p.m.

I. If Mueller is fired before 2 p.m., be at Open Space at 5 p.m. to protest.

If after 2 p.m., be there next day at noon.

J. Gary peters will be having an event Wednesday August 8th. Watch for more details.

K. Every Wednesday evening, phone banking at Matt Morgan’s office. 1732 Barlow  at 5:30 to 8:00

L. See The Young Turks interview with Matt Morgan on You Tube. It showcases how great his command of the issues is. 

M. Abdul El Sayed will be here August 3rd at 7 p.m. at Streeters 1669 Garfield for GOTV.

N. League of Women Voters Guide is very helpful at

6. OPEN MICROPHONE:– What are You Passionate About/ What New Information Do We Need?


7. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting is on: August 19, 2018 at Workshop Brewery



July 16, 2018

Notes from July 15 Indivisible TC Meeting

July 15, 2018 Meeting Notes

  1. Lynne called the meeting to order at 10am. The 20 people present applauded the Workshop Brewery staff to thank them for the use of their space.

II. Actions:

  1. Call the Michigan Supreme Court (before Wednesday, (517) 373-0120) and ask if the VNP hearings on July 18 will be televised See VNP below.
  2. Call 7&4 News (231-995-5801) and Huntington Bank Head offices in Columbus (614-480-6834) to say, “Meet with our community group and Stop the must-run segments.  Local news needs to be local.”  See Sinclair Broadcasting below.
  3. Wednesday, July 18, 5:30pm. Rally at the Open Space.  Say No to Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Bring signs.  The Trump balloon will be there.
  4. From now until August 7, volunteer with political campaigns to canvass, call, and text.
  5. Every Wednesday, noon-1pm, Huntington Bank, West Front Street Branch. Rally to oppose must-run segments on 7&4 local news. See Sinclair Broadcasting below
  6. Sign up to stand by polling stations to support the Matt Morgan write-in effort on August 7.  Contact the Morgan campaign ( or 231.534.5303).
  7. Sign up to spread the word about Line 5.  See Line 5 below and see our Facebook page.
  8. Potential rally on August 9 in front of Huntington Bank if the FCC allows Sinclair/Tribune merger. 
  9. Consider buying an Indivisible T-shirt at Offer possibly ended on July 15).

III. Steering Committee Reports

  1. Chair: Lynne presented the agenda and commented on the huge turnout in London to protest Trump’s visit to Great Britain.
  2. Treasurer: Allen announced that after paying the annual fee for the webpage domain use and receiving approximately $109 previously collected by the environmental group and a donation of $40 which Berta collected by selling Indivisible pins, the balance in our Indivisible TC account is $403. 
  3. Secretary: Bill urged the group that with less than a month until the Michigan primary, we should focus our efforts on getting progressive candidates elected. 
  4. Outreach: Maggie commented that the three local Indivisible groups are working well together, as demonstrated by the large Indivisible turnouts at the Courthouse rally that protested the separation of children from families seeking asylum and last week’s Dr. Sayed’s campaign rally. 

IV. Issue Reports

VNP: Margaret announced the on Wednesday the Michigan Supreme Court (with its 5 Republican and 2 Democratic judges) will consider whether to allow the  non-partisan VNP petition to be placed on the November ballot.  Keli reported that she called the court and was able to tell someone involved with the lawyers in bringing this case to court that if the ballot measure is denied, at least 450,000 signers of the petition will be very angry. They will work to vote those involved in stopping the will of the people out of office. There will be a rally in Lansing on Wednesday, July 18, the day of the hearing.  After some discussion, the suggestion was made that we should all call the court and politely ask whether this hearing will be televised to show that we the people are concerned and are paying attention. 

Repeal and Replace Bergman: Keli is working with someone in Matt Morgan’s campaign to create large colored posters that show instructions of how to write-in Matt Morgan’s name for Congressional District 1.  We will work with the campaign to create a schedule for people to stand by at polling stations in our area. Contact Matt’s campaign to sign up.  We will distribute the posters at our next meeting.

Line 5:  Brenda has created a Google Doc for people to sign up for shifts to walk about on Front Street to discuss Line 5 issues with visitors during TCFF and the August Friday Night Live evenings.  Bill Latka of OWDM has informational material we can use. There is information about how to participate in this program on our Facebook page.  Besides educating people, we will be asking them to sign a petition against creating a tunnel for Line 5 (which people can also sign on-line).  People do not need to be Michigan residents to sign.  Also, we will remind people to vote only for candidates who support shutting down Line 5 now. 

Sinclair Broadcasting: There is a small, well-organized group of Indivisible members who are holding a rally in front of the West Front Street branch of Huntington Bank every Wednesday from noon until 1pm.  The bank is one of the advertisers for 7&4 news.  They have not been cooperative in responding to our request to hear us out and they have not shown willingness to contact the station to speak out against the must-run segments.  We will hold a rally (tentatively scheduled for August 9) if the FCC approves the proposed merger of Sinclair and Tribune.

Kavanaugh Scotus Selection: Senators Peters and Stabenow have both announced that they will vote against confirming him.

V. Unfinished Business:

2018 Meeting Dates:

Sunday, July 29, at Workshop Brewery

August 5 and 19 at Workshop Brewery

September 9 and 23 probably at Horizon Books

Remainder of the year: 1st and 3rd Sundays  at Workshop Brewery

VI. New Business:

  1. Jeff reported that Social Studies standards are being revised and a Republican candidate for governor (Colbeck) has pushed to make some very conservative changes, including disallowing the term democratic.  Apparently, there are details about this issue in several Bridge magazine articles.
  2. The Mueller-firing watch continues. In the event it occurs, we will hold a rally in accordance with the timing recommended by Currently, Rob Rosenstein appears under threat.  Lynne will be speaking with Senator Stabenow today at a Benzie County Dems fundraiser and will discuss these issues. 
  3. Jeff announced he is running for the TCAP School Board and he needs to collect 44 signatures by July 25.  People living within TC city limits were able to sign his petition today. 
  4. Ted raised the idea that we organize and support a town forum on behalf of the Munson nurses in their contract dispute.  The hospital administration and been sending out fliers advertising their view of the situation.  Keli and Jeff will contact nurses they know who might be interested in leading such an effort and inform them that we would share the organizing responsibility.

VII. Announcements:

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am. Thank you to everyone who attended.  Peace for all. The next meeting of Indivisible TC will be on July 29 at the Workshop Brewery at 10am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Gittlen, Secretary.


June 27, 2018

Notes from June 24, 2018 meeting at Horizon Books

 Indivisible TC Agenda

Horizons Bookstore – Lower Level

June 24, 2018

10:00 AM- 11:30 AM

Meeting Notes

1. CALL TO ORDER/WELCOME/GOOD NEWS: The VNP ballot proposal will be on the ballot. The policy of separating children has been rescinded. The Pride parade in Traverse City was huge and great fun. 


  1. Chair – Several of Indivisible members attended the Benzie Democratic Party meeting in Lake Ann and were impressed with how well they all got along. They were very enthusiastic and have several events planned.

B.   Treasurer

C.   Secretary

D.   Outreach


Voters Not Politicians (VPN)/Voters’ Rights –They need canvassers now that it will be on the ballot. They are expecting lots of opposition and will fight back with people. There is a training session on June 27th at 4:30 at Oryana. You do need to go to the website of VNP and do an online review first. You must also register to be admitted to the review. Please go to website. I am sure they explain it there. Margaret Monsour is also a captain. 

District 1: Repeal and Replace Bergman –Slip Out the Back Jack : Matt Morgan’s campaign needs phone canvassers to call Democrats and urge them to write in his name on the primary. The office is at 1732 Barlow and they will work from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. every night until June 29th. It is an easy but vitally important thing to do. 

Environmental: Line 5 – Brenda & Berta: We are joining with other Indivisibles and FLW and Oil & Water Don’t Mix to educate people about Line 5 during the Cherry Festival, the Film Festival and Friday Night Live. We will walk in pairs with signs about Line 5 and engage with people to educate them. This Wednesday a sign up email will be sent. There will be a spot downtown with supplies that you pick up and drop off materials before and after your shifts. Watch for the email with the details. 

Sinclair Broadcasting: The group started with Huntington Bank and handing out handbills about Sinclair’s news slanting. They did this after they met with the local manager and did not get a call back from corporate. They are asking people to call both Channels 7 &4 as well as Huntington. They will be doing this again at the Huntington Bank on Front St on Wednesday June 27th from noon to 1 p.m. They meet at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Old Mission Peninsula Tuesday at 1:15. Serra Subaru may be next. Indivisibles in Rochester NY and Providence RI are also employing these tactics.

Gun Violence 


A. Dates

Sunday July 15th at Workshop

Sunday July 29th probably at Workshop

August 5th and 19th at Workshop

September 9th and 23rd. May be at Horizons

Rest of Year is at Workshop on 1st & 3rd


A. Social Studies standards, Revised by Conservatives: There was an article in the Record Eagle on Sunday June 17th about some hard core conservatives trying to hijack the social studies standards revision. Bridge magazine is an online magazine that also has a good article on this attempt. You can comment on the MI Department of Education site. They are basically eliminating the civil rights and women’s rights from the curriculum and slanting it values hel 50 years ago. 

B. Progressives at Central High – Aidan Reed – Speak on June 24th¨: Natalie Smith came to speak to us about the group at TC Central HS. We are going to try to help them with speakers and support over the summer and next school year. They have done voter registration with free pizza and have several “Rights” groups. Jeff Leonhardt encouraged them to help get out the vote for the Millage renewal in August. Very positive experience to meet her and her mom. 

C. Gay Pride Week report

D. No one is above the law – Mueller Firing Watch

E. Zero Tolerance policy

6. OPEN MICROPHONE:– What are You Passionate About/ What New Information Do We Need?

  1. Moms Demand Action is having a meeting at Central United Methodist Church on Thursday June 28th from 6 to 7 p.m. They combat gun violence. 
  2. To contribute to helping defend the migrants at the southern border, consider RAICES. They are defending people all over this awful problem. They are a reputable group. 
  3. Stephen Miller’s phone number was given out and now has been disconnected. He was harassed. 
  4. Mother Jones magazine is seeking to Disarm Misinformation, especially things that might be planted by Russian trolls. Please send them tips at


7. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting is on: July 15th at Workshop Brewery



June 4, 2018

Notes of June 3, 2018 meeting at the Workshop

June 3, 2018 Meeting Notes

I. Lynne called the meeting to order at 10am. The Workshop Brewery staff were thanked for the use of their space.

II. Steering Committee Reports

1. Chair:  Lynne requested that the steering committee meet regularly so that she can have help creating our meeting agendas.  After discussion, it was decided that the steering committee can communicate on-line.  Bill will create an email list of the 6 steering committee members (Lynne, Allen, Bill, Sylvia, Maggie, and Berta). Each of us will commit to emailing Lynne our ideas for items to be placed on the agenda at least a week ahead of our meetings (always cc’ing all steering committee members). Any Indivisible member can email a steering committee member re their ideas for any new business.  The agenda for each meeting will follow the same agenda as this week’s meeting (call to order, steering committee reports, issue reports, unfinished business, new business, open microphone, and other announcements). For all steering committee discussion, each of us will hit “reply to all.”

2. Treasurer: Allen announced there is now $375 in our account and there are no outstanding expenses. 

3. Secretary: Bill announced that he has PromoteTheVote petitions if anyone needs to sign.  He also stressed the need for everyone to be active in this 2018 election cycle, especially volunteering for our endorsed candidates (Dan O’Neil and Matt Morgan). Maggie added that Abdul el Sayed is also in need of more northern Michigan support. 

4. Outreach:  Maggie stated that there is now an excellent working relationship with Leelanau Indivisible and Indivisible GT.  The groups are all working together to support each others’ initiatives.


III. Issue Reports: 

1. VotersNotPoliticians (VNP): The VNP was finally placed on the Board of Canvassers agenda for the June 1 meeting, but then that meeting was cancelled.  It seems the intention of that Board is to keep delaying until September when they will be legally forced to act.  Not assigning a ballot number makes it more difficult to campaign in support of the ballot measure.  Each of us can contact the Board of Canvassers via the Bureau of Elections by calling (517) 373-2540 to insist they act responsibly and place the VNP proposal on the ballot without further delay. 

2. Repeal and replace Bergman: Matt Morgan’s name will not be on the primary ballot.  His campaign is working on a strategy that will broadcast how to successfully vote for him as a write-in candidate.  He will need at least 3000 votes to be listed as the Democratic candidate for District I on the November ballot.  The goal will be to achieve at least 6000 write-in votes to avoid his candidacy being overruled. Once the campaign announces their strategy and releases the appropriate campaign materials, Indivisible members are all encouraged to do what they can to spread the message.  

3. Environment/Line 5: Brenda and Berta reported on the May 29, rally/protest against the Mackinac Policy Conference, sponsored by Enbridge.  Neither Flow nor Oil and Water Don”t Mix were invited to speak.  There were more than 100 people in Mackinac City in front of the boat docks with signs and others went to Mackinac Island.  There was obvious support of passing motorists, significant press coverage, and Jim Lively was busy all day giving interviews.

4. Sinclair Broadcasting: Ted reported that our plan has been initiated.  About 9-10 teams are visiting 7&4 advertisers.  At the next meeting of Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting (at 1:15pm on Tuesday, June 12), directly after Indivisible GT’s meeting at the Unitarian Universalist church, the group will decide on the next actions to take with the advertisers that do not respond to our requests. Everyone is invited to attend and all of our members will be notified when a group action is planned.

5. Gun safety: Maggie reported that the Wear Orange event at the Right Brain Brewery, organized by the group, Mothers Demand Action was very well attended (good job, Meredith). TC’s mayor was present and spoke out in favor of making this an annual event. Children created a banner about preventing gun violence, and Lynne and John DeSpelder spoke about what our Indivisible groups are doing. Since Dicks Sporting Goods stopped selling assault-style rifles, their income has gone up, as people are supporting this socially-responsible action. 

IV. Unfinished Business:

1. New Sunday meeting dates for our meetings in the upcoming months (all begin at 10am):

June 24 at Horizon Books

July 15 and 29 at Workshop Brewery

August 5 and 19, location to be determined

September:  still to be decided

October until the year’s end: the first and third Sundays at the Workshop Brewery 

2. After the hundreds of emails Brenda and her team sent out regarding Line 5 being a conceivable terrorist target, only Senator Stabenow responded.  Stabenow said she would ask the Dept of Homeland Security to investigate and would follow-up with us regarding how they respond.

V. New Business:

1. Aidan Reed, a Central High student and a few of his progressive-minded, student friends will speak at our June 24 meeting.  They are eager to meet local progressive activists.

2. Some nurses have indicated a desire for have help with their union issues in dealing with the Munson Hospital administration.  The nurses currently have a union, but are struggling to obtain a contract.  The hospital has hired an anti-union lawyer and they seem to be involved in stretching the talks out, hoping to split the group so the union will be voted out.  

VI. Open Microphone:

  1. Berta and Brenda commented that people in the lower portion of Michigan are mostly unaware of the Line 5 issue and the immense damage a pipeline rupture could cause.  They proposed that we initiate a program to  educate and encourage TC visitors to vote only for candidates who support shutting down Line 5 now.  The members today voted to support this effort. Local indivisible members will be asked to sign up for volunteer shifts during our busiest summer days (Cherry Festival, Film Festival, and the four Front Street Friday Night Lives). Volunteers will wear a sign saying Shut Down Line 5 and will pass out fliers that FLOW will create that state both the reasons Line 5 needs immediate decommissioning and the importance of voting for candidates who agree.  Berta and Brenda will attend Indivisible GT and Leelanau to get their members on-board and will work with Oilandwaterdon’ to get other Indivisible groups involved in a similar effort in their communities.  Volunteers will sign up for half-day shifts to engage with visitors on Front Street on these 18 festival days,

2. Maggie reported on the WCMU gubernatorial candidate debate, televised on May 30.  She said that  Adbul spoke out clearly for progressive issues, such as health care as a right, shutting down Line 5, and gun safety. 

3. Carol strongly recommended a May 30, 2018 NYT’s article “Sounding the Code Red”, by Thomas Friedman which states in no uncertain terms the need of to engage all citizens to vote the Congressional Republicans out of power if we are to save our democracy.

4. Jeff led an excellent discussion on the importance of watching our language and using words meaningfully.  The CMU gubernatorial event was a discussion, not a debate; often laws are protections, not regulations; we should use the term gun safety, not gun control; it’s right to unionize not right to work; and some immigrants are undocumented, not illegal.  He has realized that the root causes of our current problems include income inequality, campaign finance rules, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and racial and gender inequality.  Beneath these lay the human proclivity for greed, hatred, fear, and delusion. 

5. Lynne announced her fundraising event for tonight for Matt Morgan at her condo clubhouse at Brookside Commons at 4155 Sprucewood Drive. 

VII. Announcements:

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:28am.  The next meeting of Indivisible 

TC will be on June 24 at Horizon Books basement at 10am.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Gittlen, Secretary.

May 27, 2018

Notes from May 20, 2018 membership meeting


Citizens Taking Action in North West Michigan

Meeting May 20, 2018 – Horizon Bookstore

  1. Our first speaker was Meredith Fritz from Moms Demand Action. The group is a part of Everytown for Gun Safety. There will be an action at the Right Brain Brewery on Saturday June 2nd at 12:30 – 2:30. WEAR ORANGE for the end of Gun Violence. She is sending the Power Point to Lynne. Here are the major points of her presentation:
  • There are 4 million members of Everytown for Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action.
  • 96 Americans a day are killed by gun violence with about 2 injured for everyone killed. This statistic does include gun suicides.
  • Instead of calling gun deaths by their own hand suicides, they should be called dying by gun violence
  • No naming of shooters.
  • 50 women per month are killed by an intimate partner. 
  • They recommend that people with dangerous histories should have their guns removed.
  • Criminal background checks should be required for everyone buying a gun including those buying form unlicensed sellers.
  • Permitless carry is dangerous. Some training and checking is required.
  • Keep guns out of sensitive places
  • Keep guns off campuses
  • Responsible gun ownership = (1) Responsible storage, (2) Prevent tragedy (3) Be smart with guns
  • Push for Red Flag laws
  • June 1st light up buildings etc. with orange for gun safety
  • Be very careful of using inclusive language that does not repel 2nd amendment rights voters.
  1. Lynne handed out an article by Nick Hanauer explaining about stock buybacks. His site is 
  2. Voters Not Politicians is canvassing and waiting for the meeting to place the ballot proposal on the ballot. That meeting was cancelled abruptly this week. 
  3. The Sinclair press conference was a success as it involved some new people. The Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting group continue to meet Tuesdays at 1:15 at Unitarian Universalist Church after the Indivisible GT meetings.
  4. Jack Bergman has a new name “Slip Out the Back Jack” That is what he did at the Senior Center ribbon cutting this week.
  5. Line 5: Brenda Rusch reported that congressmen and senators do not open any mail from someone outside their district. Our letters did get noticed by Senator Stabenow and she is passing it along. 
  6. Line 5: We all got yard signs and bumper stickers to Shut Down Line 5. She has more at $10 for yard signs and $5 for bumper stickers. She is hoping we can walk around at the different festivities this summer and talk about this problem to downstate visitors. Also talk to our friends in Wisconsin and Ohio as it could harm their industries also.
  7. Our next meeting is June 3rd at the Workshop Brewery. We will get the venues straightened out by then.

   Submitted by Linda

May 7, 2018

Minutes from May 6, 2018 membership meeting

May 6, 2018 Meeting Notes

Indivisible Traverse City has been meeting every 1st & 3rd Sunday 10-11:30am  at Workshop Brewing Co. Today’s meeting was called to order at 10am, however at 10:30, we had to move to the Horizon Books basement because of a conflict with the Workshop’s scheduling.  Lynne will discuss this issue with Andrew, the general manager, and within a few days, she will announce a location where we can dependably meet on the first and third Sundays in the upcoming months. What follows are the action and upcoming events that were mentioned during the meeting, followed by other discussion items. These minutes will be posted on our Facebook page and on the blog at the Indivisible Traverse City website.  Bill will also send them to members who have been attending meetings this year by email. 

Actions and Events:

Tuesday, May 8, 1:15pm. Meeting of Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting. Universalist Unitarian Church on Old Mission Peninsula, directly after the Indivisible GT meeting. Open to all Indivisible members working to object to the Sinclair network propaganda (see discussion below). 

Tuesday, May 8, 5:15pm TCLP Board Meeting, TC Government Center on Boardman Avenue. All are invited to come to show support for a TCLP 100% clean, renewable energy by 2032 goal in their long-term plan (details below).  

Thursday, May 10, 4pm. Traverse City District Library.  Spreading the word about Abdul around Traverse City” will be discussed.

Thursday, May 10, 6-7:30pm: Horizon Books Basement. Jim Page, the Democratic candidate running for MI State Senate against Wayne Schmidt will speak. 

Saturday, May 12, 10:30am: Leland Library. Meeting of Leelanau Indivisible. A Matt Morgan’s campaign representative will speak about their plan to overcome the current problem of possibly  being blocked from the August 7 Michigan primary ballot. The back-up plan of Matt being a write-in candidate in the primary will be discussed.  Everyone is invited.

Wednesday, May 23, 5:30pm Leelanau LWV Annual Dinner at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, MI.  Peter Payette, Executive Director of IPR radio, will discuss preserving quality journalism. $30 for dinner and the presentation, $15 for the presentation only (the presentation begins at 7pm).

Tuesday., May 29, 7pm. Leelanau LWV is planning an Immigration Forum.  Details TBA. 


Matt Morgan’s endorsement: Despite completing National Indivisible’s nomination process according to their protocols, they never submitted email ballots to those who had signed up to vote on the endorsement.  Numerous requests from Bill and Lynne for an explanation about why Matt was not endorsed have gone unanswered.  They have no other method to communicate with them outside of email.  Therefore, at this point we will proceed to advertise our endorsement of Matt throughout District One. Sylvia has agreed to write a press release and Lynne, Gretchen, and Keli volunteered to help organize what details to include and where to distribute the release.  All of our members are encouraged to help with Matt’s campaign. 

Other endorsements: Lynne moved and Sylvia seconded to endorse Dan O’Neil for the MI State House of Reps. We will hold a vote of the membership at our next meeting. He is running unopposed in the Democratic primary.  His campaign has already begun canvassing throughout GT county and members are encouraged to begin volunteering.  Also, many members heard Abdul el Sayed speak at the GT Resort and are excited about his candidacy.  Abdul does not have a local campaign office. Bill will send a request for volunteers to canvass a few days for him locally. 

VNP:  Marcia reported that a group called Citizens Protecting Michigans’s Constitution has asked the state Court of Appeals to not allow the VNP petition on the November ballot, claiming it is too far-reaching for a ballot proposal. Therefore, VNP needs donations now more than ever, to fight this suit.  Volunteers are now also needed as Margaret is arranging canvassing turfs to educate and encourage voters to vote yes in November.  Hal Gurian is doing presentations about this issue in the coming days for 5 classes at TC Central High School. Marcia encouraged people to read the Jack Lessenberry article in today’s (5/6/18) Record Eagle about gerrymandering and the attack on the VNP effort.

Sinclair: Ted and Gretchen are leading the Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting group, engaging members of Indivisible GT and Leelanau Indivisible to join our effort.  The goal is to have the Sinclair-owned 7&4 station newscast be dedicated to local news rather than propaganda pieces. After overcoming initial resistance, Ted, Pat, Margaret, and Gretchen met with the 7&4 station and news managers. The station manager would only say, “I will take your comments into account,” but he would not say he would contact the Sinclair central office or that he had any authority to change the current programming and policy. Next steps include an internal discussion about the approach to be taken with advertisers and what is the appropriate messaging for signs and banners. Then a press conference will be held at the Old Courthouse on Washington Street, the date and time to be determined.  Teams to meet with advertisers will then be formed and they will hold a short meeting before meeting with the pre-identified advertisers. The entire purpose is to inform advertisers that their advertising money is being used to support propaganda rather than local news and to encourage both the advertisers and the public to speak out about their dissatisfaction.  The goal is not to harm advertisers, but to raise awareness about the issue of responsible journalism. 

Renewable energy:  Marcia and Bill announced the importance of supporting the TC100 advocacy group and Groundwork Center’s efforts to lobby Traverse City Light and Power to include a 100% clean, renewal energy goal in their upcoming strategic vision plan.  Please attend their May 8 Board meeting and if you desire, offer a comment (see details above).

New Business:

1. The group agreed that we will create a list of IndivisibleTC-approved candidates in the weeks immediately before the August primary and November general elections to pass on to our friends, family, the general public, and members of other Indivisible groups.  Having attended a recent meeting that discussed the Supreme Court Justices up for election this year, John agreed to research the best candidates for the Michigan judicial offices, including the MI Supreme Court.

2. As, the Koch brothers  have  announced they will be spending $400 million on emphasizing the benefits of the 2017 tax plan, our efforts to support opponents of the current Republican officials is more crucial than ever.

3. Lynne distributed an article discussing the need to stand in solidarity with missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) and the relationship of this problem with the fossil fuel industries.  She also distributed an information sheet that she asked people to hand-deliver to Rep. Bergman’s office. The sheet discusses the harmful, unnecessary, and backward proposals in the 2018 Farm Bill that will chip away at the SNAP (food stamp) program.  

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35.

The next Indivisble TC meeting will be on Sunday, May 20,10am at a location that Lynne will announce within the next few days. 

Respectfully submitted,

William Gittlen, Secretary.  


April 23, 2018

Meeting notes from April 22 meeting at Horizon

 Indivisible TC Agenda

Horizon Books Cafe

April 22, 2018

10:00 AM- 11:30 AM

1. CALL TO ORDER/WELCOME: Only 4 people attended, so it was an abbreviated meeting




  1. Chair(s) – Report on Abdul El Sayed at Grand Traverse Report – Many people were there. Lynne estimated 500. Very positive experience. Dr. El Sayed had a good command of the issues and their ramifications. 

– We are still looking for a co-chair to work with Lynne. Linda is done May 1st to “pursue her political career”.  

B.   Treasurer

C.   Secretary

D.   Outreach


Voters Not Politicians (VPN)/Voters’ Rights – Training was held yesterday.

District 1: Repeal and Replace Bergman – Endorsement of Matt Morgan –

  • April 24 Deadline – Will receive ballot on April 25th.

Environmental: Line 5 – There is more support to close it down after the leak from the electric cable.

– There is a retirement party for Line 5 at the City Opera House on Monday April 23rd.  For information:

Sinclair Broadcasting – There is another meeting with IGT this week.

Gun Violence – 2600 schools had walk outs on Friday to call for more sensible gun control. 


A. Tax Day March – April 21 Open Space with chicken 1:00 – We were there with a 20 foot high chicken- We had a small turnout but got only a few middle fingers and lots more thumbs up. The chicken may appear again!! 


A.  May10, 1 pm. Kirkbride Hall, Building 50. Speakers needed to express their outrage about the NRC proposal to change the status of sandhill cranes to game birds in our state. Registration on line before. 

8. OPEN MICROPHONE:– What are You Passionate About/ What New Information Do We Need?



Next meeting is on: May 6, 2018 

at Workshop Brewery

April 9, 2018

Notes of ITC April 8, 2018 Membership meeting


April 8, 2018 Meeting Notes

Indivisible Traverse City meets every 1st & 3rd Sunday 10-11:30 at Workshop Brewing Co.  April was an exception (because of Easter). These notes will be posted on our Facebook page and the Indivisible Traverse City website.

See the minutes section of the 2018 blog on the webpage:

Initial Announcements: 

People were encouraged to buy books from Horizon to thank them for allowing us to use their space today. Two specific books were recommended: Born on First Base and Dear Madam President.  Linda will investigate whether it would be possible to use this space instead of the Workshop Brewery beginning in May for our regular membership meetings.

Good news:

Rebecca Dallet won her election for Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin by 12 points over an NRA-supported candidate. She promised not to be influenced by the ideology of special interest groups.

Randy Bryce seems to be doing well in the polling against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.  He needs our support as does Andrew Janz who is running against Devin Nunes in California.

Lynne announced our group has now incorporated and she is still looking for an accountant to help us achieve 501c4 states.  It was suggested that Lynne approach professors at NMC to see if there might be accounting students who would be interested in undertaking the task.  Or, if anyone knows of an accountant willing to take this on for minimal cost, please contact Lynne.

Actions and Events:

Monday, April 9, 5:30pm. Joint meeting with Indivisible GT at the UU.  All ITC members invited to attend.  The Sinclair committee will meet before the meeting at 4:30pm

Tuesday, April 10, 6:30-8pm. Hal Gurian will give his updated slide presentation about the status of votersnotpoliticians effort at the UU church.

Saturday, April 14, 10am-noon. Training for canvassers for VNP at Horizon Books.

Saturday, April 14, 10:30am. Jeanie Williams of Inland Seas Education Association will speak on Microplastics in the Great Lakes at the Leelanau Indivisible meeting, Leland Township Library, 203 Cedar St., Leland

Monday, April 16, 5pm. Tax Day March. People will meet at 5pm on the Open Space and there will be a march down Front Street.  Lynne signed up with the national group that is encouraging such events. She will contact the police and other groups to gather support and participation. Bring appropriate signs.

Tuesday. April 17, 6:30pm.  CCL is tabling at a talk about recycling in the TC area at the United Methodist Church.

Thursday, April 19, 6-7:30pm. Abdul el Sayed will be speaking at the Grand Traverse Resort. Sponsored by the GT Dems. We will discuss meeting to carpool at our next meeting on April 15.

Friday, April 13, 5:30-8pm NMEAC-sponsored Environmentalist of the Year ceremony and celebration. Dennos Museum.  Learn about and celebrate the people and the creative energy that are protecting our environment and that make northern Michigan such a great place to live.  Featuring speaker Holly Bird, musician Brotha James, and small plate food and drink.  $25 tickets available online through $30 at the door.

Sunday, April 22, 11:30-4pm. Twin Lakes Park. CCl is tabling at another event that discusses where to recycle things in the TC area.

Sunday, April 22, 11-3pm.  Earth Day. 2018 Solar Tour, sponsored by Northport Energy. From 3-5pm there will be a film and panel discussion at Sutton Bay’s Bay Theater. More info

Monday, April 23, 6pm. Line 5 Retirement Party at the City Opera House. Free. Sponsored by oilandwaterdontmix.

Sunday, May 6, 11am. State Theater.  A 30-minute film called Straws will be shown followed by 30 minutes of discussion.  Each of us can tell restaurants that straws need not be offered routinely as a way to cut down on plastic waste.

May 10, 1pm. Kirkbride Hall, Building 50. Speakers needed to express their outrage about the NRC proposal to change the status of sandhill cranes to game birds in our state. See more info under Open Mic below.


VNP:  Training events as listed above. Volunteers will be needed for canvassing, phone banking, and GOTV efforts. Donations are needed now (donations can be made through the website). Contact Margaret if you know of a small downtown office space for rent. Marcia reported that a Record Eagle opinion piece today said voting for the VNP proposal is the most important vote we can make in 2018.

Line 5: Brenda reported because of the Congressional recess, there has yet to be any response to the letters and emails her subgroup sent out.  She remains in communication with the Morgans and she expects she will hear something in the upcoming weeks from those she has contacted.

Sinclair: Gretchen and Ted received an enthusiastic response from IGT members about becoming involved with our effort to confront 7&4 News about the issues with their local news.  More than a dozen members agreed to join a committee to finalize the plan that involves contacting advertisers if Sinclair and 7&4 continue to refuse to meet with us about our concerns.  Today many of our members signed on to join the committee which will meet on April 9, 4:30pm at the UU before the IGT meeting.

Matt Morgan Endorsement: Lynne presented her reasons why we should endorse Matt Morgan for our Congressional Representative.  Discussion followed.  All members were supportive, although one member spoke up about being against endorsing anyone.  There was a motion and a second to endorse Matt and to nominate Matt for National Indivisible endorsement. The ITC members present voted unanimously in favor with the exception of that one member (who said he did support Matt), and he agreed to stand aside.  Bill said he would complete the online nomination application for Matt’s endorsement by national Indivisible before the April 9th deadline.  All members are strongly encouraged to sign up with national Indivisible by April 25, so be sure your members are on the list to vote.  Go to Indivisible435, click on REGISTER TO VOTE and then click GET STARTED. It takes less than one minute to do.  National Indivisible will email an online ballot to all those in Matt’s district who register.

Ballots will be emailed to all those who sign up on or before April 24 to vote on April 25.

Open Mike:

Bill again collected signatures for a petition that TC100 Advocacy Group and MI Climate Action Network will present to the Board of Traverse City Light and Power to encourage them to include a 100% renewable energy goal by 2030 when the Board creates their long term strategy.  Keli collected signatures to qualify a Michigan Promote the Vote ballot measure for the 2018 election.

There will be an upcoming Town Hall on gun violence.  The Front Street Writers, a group of local high school students associated with the National Writers Series will read their essays. Matt Morgan and Rep Bergman will be invited.  Details will follow as they become known.

Berta will investigate whether anyone is locally planning a rally on April 20, the anniversary of the Columbine shootings. Leelanau Indivisible has been working with a Benzonia student who was in Columbine at that time.

Carol encouraged people to volunteer to make comments at a May 10 meeting at Kirkbride Hall in Building 50 before an appointed Commission that is working to open a recreational hunting season on our state’s sandhill cranes.  We need to sign up to comment by May 4: 517-284-6237.  Carol passed out flyers that contained links to detailed information.  She will have more fliers to pass out at our meeting next week.

ADJOURNMENT:  11:30 am.  Our next meeting is Sunday, April 15 at Workshop Brewery, 10-11:30am.
Peace and justice for all
Respectfully submitted,
Bill Gittlen, Secretary.

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