July 25, 2018

Families Belong Together Rally, Open Space at 1pm

One join us: please take part in the

Families Belong Together Rally, Open Space, Traverse City at 1pm


The website for the event —
The event on the ITC Facebook site —

July 16, 2018

Actions for this and upcoming weeks


  1. Call the Michigan Supreme Court (before Wednesday, (517) 373-0120) and ask if the VNP hearings on July 18 will be televised See VNP below.
  2. Call 7&4 News (231-995-5801) and Huntington Bank Head offices in Columbus (614-480-6834) to say, “Meet with our community group and Stop the must-run segments.  Local news needs to be local.”  See Sinclair Broadcasting below.
  3. Wednesday, July 18, 5:30pm. Rally at the Open Space.  Say No to Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Bring signs.  The Trump balloon will be there.
  4. From now until August 7, volunteer with political campaigns to canvass, call, and text.
  5. Every Wednesday, noon-1pm, Huntington Bank, West Front Street Branch. Rally to oppose must-run segments on 7&4 local news. See Sinclair Broadcasting below
  6. Sign up to stand by polling stations to support the Matt Morgan write-in effort on August 7.  Contact the Morgan campaign ( or 231.534.5303).
  7. Sign up to spread the word about Line 5.  See Line 5 below and see our Facebook page.
  8. Potential rally on August 9 in front of Huntington Bank if the FCC allows Sinclair/Tribune merger. 
  9. Consider buying an Indivisible T-shirt at Offer possibly ended on July 15).

Demonstrate against approval of Kavanaugh 7/18

Lynne has established a two-pronged demonstration scheduled for Wednesday, July 18 at 5:30 pm.  Location is the Open Space, and the Trump Chicken will be there!  Demonstrate against the approval of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the effects of Trump’s tax cuts which will have a disastrous impact on Social Security and Medicare, to say nothing of Medicaid!  Take your pick, and make signs accordingly.  We will line the Parkway and get lots of attention from the chicken, for sure!  Be sure to watch out for drivers who lose control of their cars from laughing!

June 19, 2018

Stop the Trump Administration’s Tactic of Separation of Families

Suggested actions by GT Dems, courtesy of Sylvia McCullough:

DO NOT SAY there is “nothing you can do” about children and babies being ripped from their mothers’ arms and placed in internment camps. 

It’s not true. And, please understand that making people give up out of helplessness is a tactic this administration is using. 
You CAN make a call to your U.S. House and Senate members – 202-224-3121. 
You CAN use Resistbot to send a fax via text. 
You CAN write them an email by simply googling their official website and finding their “contact us” option. 
If you have even a dollar to spare, you CAN donate it to the ACLU which has sued on behalf of these families being illegally separated.

You CAN use your social media and your voices to bring greater awareness to this atrocity.

You CAN write a letter to the editor of your local, state or national newspaper (or hell, submit the same letter to all 3). 

You are NOT helpless. We are NOT helpless. 
Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

June 12, 2018

On August 7, Write in Matt Morgan and Darken the box

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 3.08.10 PM.jpeg
Be sure to Write in Matt Morgan and darken the box as shown above when you vote in the August 7 primary election

May 7, 2018

May 7: Upcoming actions and events

Actions and Events:
Tuesday, May 8, 1:15pm. Meeting of Concerned Citizens for Fair Broadcasting. Universalist Unitarian Church on Old Mission Peninsula, directly after the Indivisible GT meeting. Open to all Indivisible members working to object to the Sinclair network propaganda (see discussion below). 
Tuesday, May 8, 5:15pm TCLP Board Meeting, TC Government Center on Boardman Avenue. All are invited to come to show support for a TCLP 100% clean, renewable energy by 2032 goal in their long-term plan (details below).  
Thursday, May 10, 4pm. Traverse City District Library.  “Spreading the word about Abdul around Traverse City” will be discussed.
Thursday, May 10, 6-7:30pm: Horizon Books Basement. Jim Page, the Democratic candidate running for MI State Senate against Wayne Schmidt will speak. 
Saturday, May 12, 10:30am: Leland Library. Meeting of Leelanau Indivisible. A Matt Morgan’s campaign representative will speak about their plan to overcome the current problem of possibly  being blocked from the August 7 Michigan primary ballot. The back-up plan of Matt being a write-in candidate in the primary will be discussed.  Everyone is invited.
Wednesday, May 23, 5:30pm Leelanau LWV Annual Dinner at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, MI.  Peter Payette, Executive Director of IPR radio, will discuss preserving quality journalism. $30 for dinner and the presentation, $15 for the presentation only (the presentation begins at 7pm).
Tuesday., May 29, 7pm. Leelanau LWV is planning an Immigration Forum.  Details TBA. 

April 17, 2018

Sign on to vote for Matt Morgan for National Indivisible endorsement

We have completed the paperwork needed to nominate Matt for endorsement by National Indivisible.  We are reaching out to you know so that all members can sign up with National Indivisible to vote to endorse Matt.  Basically, National Indivisible endorsements are driven and voted on by local Indivisible groups who live in the state or district of the race.  The national group will only endorse Matt if they see that he has the support of members in Indivisible groups in his district.
Here’s what to do to participate in the endorsement process. You must do the registration step no later than April 24 (It only takes a minute):
1. Click on this linkendorsements. Here you will find complete information about the endorsement process as well as the sign-up link.
2. Once there, click on “this form” under #4 (not on “register to vote” at the top)  Fill in the few lines of info. You will be registering to vote in the nomination process.
3. You will receive an email ballot from National Indivisible on April 25. 
4. Vote and return your email ballot within the timeline provided.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.  Please relay this information to your group members. To elect a government that will serve everyone, we need everyone’s help.

April 10, 2018

Documentary: Difficulties of children in the west Bank

Sill one more event this week, courtesy of Victoria Gutowski, calling our attention to this film showing at TADL tomorrow at 6:30pm:


MEJP Radiance of Resistance 4-18.pdf


April 9, 2018

Events and Action Items from April 9 onward…

Actions and Events:

Monday, April 9, 5:30pm. Joint meeting with Indivisible GT at the UU.  All ITC members invited to attend.  The Sinclair committee will meet before the meeting at 4:30pm

Tuesday, April 10, 6:30-8pm. Hal Gurian will give his updated slide presentation about the status of votersnotpoliticians effort at the UU church.

Saturday, April 14, 10am-noon. Training for canvassers for VNP at Horizon Books.

Saturday, April 14, 10:30am. Jeanie Williams of Inland Seas Education Association will speak on Microplastics in the Great Lakes at the Leelanau Indivisible meeting, Leland Township Library, 203 Cedar St., Leland

Monday, April 16, 5pm. Tax Day March. People will meet at 5pm on the Open Space and there will be a march down Front Street.  Lynne signed up with the national group that is encouraging such events. She will contact the police and other groups to gather support and participation. Bring appropriate signs.

Tuesday. April 17, 6:30pm.  CCL is tabling at a talk about recycling in the TC area at the United Methodist Church.

Thursday, April 19, 6-7:30pm. Abdul el Sayed will be speaking at the Grand Traverse Resort. Sponsored by the GT Dems. We will discuss meeting to carpool at our next meeting on April 15.

Friday, April 13, 5:30-8pm NMEAC-sponsored Environmentalist of the Year ceremony and celebration. Dennos Museum.  Learn about and celebrate the people and the creative energy that are protecting our environment and that make northern Michigan such a great place to live.  Featuring speaker Holly Bird, musician Brotha James, and small plate food and drink.  $25 tickets available online through $30 at the door.

Sunday, April 22, 11:30-4pm. Twin Lakes Park. CCl is tabling at another event that discusses where to recycle things in the TC area.

Sunday, April 22, 11-3pm.  Earth Day. 2018 Solar Tour, sponsored by Northport Energy. From 3-5pm there will be a film and panel discussion at Sutton Bay’s Bay Theater. More info

Monday, April 23, 6pm. Line 5 Retirement Party at the City Opera House. Free. Sponsored by oilandwaterdontmix.

Sunday, May 6, 11am. State Theater.  A 30-minute film called Straws will be shown followed by 30 minutes of discussion.  Each of us can tell restaurants that straws need not be offered routinely as a way to cut down on plastic waste.

May 10, 1pm. Kirkbride Hall, Building 50. Speakers needed to express their outrage about the NRC proposal to change the status of sandhill cranes to game birds in our state. See more info under Open Mic below.

March 19, 2018

Action Items for this Week, from Co-Chair Linda

Before I start the Action Items, I want to give you my thoughts about the controversy at yesterday’s meeting. We want to be an inclusive group and have room for differing opinions. Yesterday we were discussing if we want to endorse some candidates. The majority (about 2/3’s) wanted to do so. However, some people had reservations because they want our focus to be issues. They want us to be inclusive and non-partisan.

That started me thinking about the origins of Indivisible. We started with a guide on how to influence our Members of Congress. It was based on the successful tactics of the Tea Party. It was written by congressional staffers who knew what is effective in bringing the MOC around to voting as the vocal constituents desired. We used these tactics especially on Jack Bergman who did not respond at all to our pressure and continued to vote as his masters in the conservative money donators told him. Because of a year of effort with no results, we decided that he needed to be repealed and replaced. This is one of our five main foci of this year.

If we want to replace him, we need to support his electable opponent. In order to endorse, we need a policy on endorsements and we need to adhere to that policy/procedure. There are lots of election laws about groups supporting candidates and exchanging money and information with them. We do not want to run afoul of these laws. However, the national Indivisible group has approved a procedure by which local groups can endorse a candidate and then he or she receives national recognition. I have an email about that I will post also on Facebook and the website.

In conclusion, I have thought carefully about this and my opinion is that the national recognition for the candidate running against Mr. Bergman can only help Matt Morgan. We have as our focus to have a more responsive MOC. Therefore we should have an endorsement policy and we should use it.

Action items

  1. March For Our Lives which is organized by the women of TC Rally for Gun Reform starts this Saturday March 24th at 1:00 p.m. at the Workshop Brewery. We will march on the sidewalks and stand on the Parkway with our banners and signs. We return to the Brewery at 2:30 for speakers. Please support our young leaders. They were so appreciative of the 100 of us who were at Central High School on the one month anniversary of the 17 deaths at Parkland.
  2. Indivisible Grand Traverse has a dynamite speaker on Tuesday Mar 20th at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 6726 Center Rd. on the Old Mission Peninsula. It is Craig Mauger and he spoke to the LWV of Leelanau in January. He informs us about the influence of money on legislation in Michigan. He is a good speaker and he will horrify you with the machinations that are used to “buy” politicians. It is worth the effort to hear him.
  3. There are two suggestions for action from national Indivisible.

End Trump’s illegal war in Yemen: support S.J. Res. 54. This bipartisan resolution is a rare opportunity for Congress to take back its constitutional war making authority, and declare Trump’s war in Yemen unauthorized. You can review our resource for more information about the situation in Yemen and use our call script to call both your senators.

There’s still time to stop Congress from increasing funding for Trump’s deportation force. The government runs out of money on March 23, but this time they’ll pass an “omnibus” spending bill that will go through September (instead of a short-term “continuing resolution,” like the kind they’ve been passing for months). Negotiations are nearly done, but one remaining issue is the funding level for immigration enforcement activities. You can make a difference by telling your MoCs that you oppose more funding for Trump’s deportation machine. Use our resource and call script to call your MoCs.

  1. Michigan Resistance is calling on us to try to stop the Department of Environmental Quality (the ones did not stop the Flint water disaster) from being overseen by industry representatives (also known as the foxes guarding the hen house). Here is their information.

Stop corporate lobbyists from destroying the environment 

The Michigan Senate recently passed an environmentally ruinous package of bills: SB 652-654. These bills create an oversight board for Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality that would be stacked with industry representatives and corporate actors. These bills are problematic for several reasons:

1. Having regulated industries set Michigan’s environmental rules is like trusting the fox to guard the henhouse—it is fundamentally reckless to ask regulated industries to set their own rules when it comes to protecting Michigan from environmental harm and pollution.

2. These industry representatives and interest groups benefit directly from lax enforcement of environmental laws, and these bills would hand over authority for protecting our state’s environment to these unelected individuals who are on the payroll of polluting industries.

3. Michigan communities (Flint’s water crisis; Washtenaw’s dioxane plume) know the very real dangers of polluted air and water. The stakes for poor environmental decision-making are incredibly high in our state.

4. With the Trump Administration dead set on greatly weakening the US Environmental Protection Agency, this plan would leave Michigan doubly vulnerable. There will be no one to hold polluters accountable when they poison our families or devastate our natural areas.

SB 652-654 have been sent to the House’s Natural Resources Committee. After the legislative spring break (Mar 16-30), we expect they will get a hearing in early April. This is the week to call Michigan House Representatives, make our voices heard, and stop these dangerous bills.

Please call these Michigan State Representatives:

Gary Howell: 517-373-1800
Scott VanSingel: 517-373-7317
David Maturen: 517-373-1787
Rob VerHeulen: 517-373-8900
Joseph Bellino: 517-373-1530
Holly Hughes: 517-373-3436
Daire Rendon: 517-373-3817
Larry Inman: 517-373-1766
Curt VanderWall: 517-373-0825
William Sowerby: 517-373-0159
Chris Afendoulis: 517-373-0218
Stephanie Chang: 517-373-0823
Michael McCready: 517-373-8670
Jeff Yaroch: 517-373-0820
Sara Cambensy: 517-373-0498

Hello, my name is ___ and I am a Michigan resident and voter. I am calling to urge Representative__ to oppose SB 652-654 that will create an oversight board run by industry representatives for the DEQ. Having corporate actors set Michigan’s environmental rules is like trusting the fox to guard the henhouse— it is reckless to ask regulated industries to set their own rules when it comes to protecting our Michiganders from environmental harm and pollution. Don’t allow corporate interests to take priority over Michigan families’ health and our state’s environment. Please oppose the SB 652-654.

Thanks for reading and caring about what happens in this difficult world that we are living in.