July 16, 2018

Actions for this and upcoming weeks


  1. Call the Michigan Supreme Court (before Wednesday, (517) 373-0120) and ask if the VNP hearings on July 18 will be televised See VNP below.
  2. Call 7&4 News (231-995-5801) and Huntington Bank Head offices in Columbus (614-480-6834) to say, “Meet with our community group and Stop the must-run segments.  Local news needs to be local.”  See Sinclair Broadcasting below.
  3. Wednesday, July 18, 5:30pm. Rally at the Open Space.  Say No to Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Bring signs.  The Trump balloon will be there.
  4. From now until August 7, volunteer with political campaigns to canvass, call, and text.
  5. Every Wednesday, noon-1pm, Huntington Bank, West Front Street Branch. Rally to oppose must-run segments on 7&4 local news. See Sinclair Broadcasting below
  6. Sign up to stand by polling stations to support the Matt Morgan write-in effort on August 7.  Contact the Morgan campaign ( or 231.534.5303).
  7. Sign up to spread the word about Line 5.  See Line 5 below and see our Facebook page.
  8. Potential rally on August 9 in front of Huntington Bank if the FCC allows Sinclair/Tribune merger. 
  9. Consider buying an Indivisible T-shirt at Offer possibly ended on July 15).