Welcome to Indivisible Traverse City.  Our views center on common sense ideas. We believe that everyone can thrive when we care for and help each other.  A person who works full-time deserves a living wage. A person should not be refused equal pay because of the color of their skin or their sexual preference.  A person who becomes ill should be able to seek medical attention without worrying whether they can afford it. We need to protect our clean air and water and the environment.  Our national parks and monuments are our heritage, precious assets that belong to all of us and they need to be preserved.  We recognize science.  The welfare of people must always be placed over profits for corporations and the wealthy.  


We invite you to join us and work with us in resisting the destructive actions of the Republican/Trump administration.  And we need your help to support and elect progressive leaders who work on behalf of all of us.  We will create a world that is inclusive, just, and healthy.

We hold a 90 minute general membership meeting once a month at the Workshop Brewery.  A portion of the meeting is spent in issue-oriented committees.  Our leadership can help you join a working group that best matches your interests. Come to one of our meetings to see the joy of well-intentioned people working together to improve the well-being of all of us.  
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