Join us on Saturday, March 3rd as we march for gun reform. Gather at the Workshop Brewery at 1:00 (221 Garland St, Traverse City)
We will proceed peacefully through downtown Traverse City and then line the Parkway. We will return to the Workshop where we will hear a couple of short speeches and have time to connect, take action and network. 

Bring signs and your voices. Not one more life lost to gun violence while Congress does absolutely nothing. Support the children of the United States!  
We demand gun reform NOW. Not one more life.

Please wear black if you can. Also, if you’ve experienced a loss due to gun violence, and you feel comfortable doing so, wear a name tag, shirt or carry a sign with your loved one’s name on it. 

We will gather at Workshop, march peacefully on the sidewalks, on Union Street up to Front Street, head east on Front Street to Park Street, cross at Park and then march back down to Union and line the Parkway.