February 24, 2018

Feb 27 rally at Jack’s office. Be there!

Actions for the week Feb 18-25, 2018

Indivisible Actions for the Week of Feb. 18th – 25th

  1. Join the Matt Morgan Letter Writing Party at Campaign Headquarters. 232 E. Front Street,

6 – 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 20th. It is a Potluck so come to share a meal and  help fold, stuff and hand address envelopes as Matt signs letters.

  1.  Support the Sinclair situation and keep a “diary” for the next few weeks that catalogs so-called “news” from the channel 7 and 4 broadcast at 5pm. 6pm and 11pm.  We will use this data to confront Sinclair’s blatantly biased reporting and publicize our collected data widely. An example of what to watch for:  Note how many local reporters you see in each broadcast and how often the stories are repeated. It is helpful to avoid noting generalizations like “bias” in favor of a specific critique. Sinclair is notorious for slipping right-wing views and Republican talking points into its newscasts. Our goal is to gather facts to share with advertisers and advocates working to ensure that our local news reflects local priorities. Contact Margaret Monsour, March 4 is deadline to collect data.
  1. Gather the names and contact information for Senator Gary Peters many committee members who impact Line 5 and put pressure on these members to shut down Line 5 and protect our Great Lakes.  Contact Brenda Rush to get names of all committees. March 3 is deadline to collect info.
  1. Call Larry Inman about SB 652 – 654. Phone is 57.373.1766 and send email  to This bill was passed by the senate (Schmidt voted for it) and would have industry people overseeing the DEQ. It is currently in the Natural Resources Committee, which is best place to kill or modify it. The chairman is Gary Howell, 517.373.1800 and email is Curt VanderWall is also on the committee, 517.373.0825 and email is  This is a script to follow from Michigan Resistance:


Hello, my name is ___ and I am a Michigan resident and voter. I am calling to urge Representative__ to oppose SB 652-654 that will create an oversight board run by industry representatives for the DEQ. Having corporate actors set Michigan’s environmental rules is like trusting the fox to guard the henhouse— it is reckless to ask regulated industries to set their own rules when it comes to protecting our Michiganders from environmental harm and pollution. Don’t allow corporate interests to take priority over Michigan families’ health and our state’s environment. Please oppose the SB 652-654.

  1. Keep your eyes peeled on the developing protest for March 24th. There will be a student-centered march on Washington, D C. The link is


Notes from Feb 18, 2018 general meeting

Indivisible Traverse City

Meeting Minutes February 18, 2018

Co-Chair, Linda Pepper called the meeting to order at 10am and mentioned several “good news” items: Margaret Good flipped the Florida State House from red to blue.  This is the 36th flip and she won seat  by 7% pts; a  second federal judge has upheld the DACCA ruling; current Muslim ban has been ruled unconstitutional; and Kent State has refused to allow Richard Spencer to speak (security fee of $25,000).


Promote the Vote sponsored by the LWV and held on Feb. 21 at 6pm in Suttons Bay at the Fire Hall, 210 St. Mary’s Ave.

The leaders of the Women’s March organization have initiated an excellent plan to  protest inaction by Congress on gun control.  They are calling for a 17 minute walkout by students from schools on March 14 at 10:00am to publicize the need for specific action on gun control. Parents and others are encouraged to join the students.

Link is from The Hill discussing the planned walkout. Want to spread the word? Please consider forwarding this link to the school districts in Grand Traverse and Leelanau County and to friends and family in other places and encourage them to forward it on to their local school district Superintendent.  Every student and staff person who walks into a school building and every parent who kisses their child goodby in the morning should not have to carry the weight of What If?  They all deserve better.

March for Our Lives is planned for March 24 in Washington, D.C., with sister marches expected to break out in other major cities across the country; five students from Marjory Stone man Douglas High School are spearheading the effort.


Voters Not Politicians

Marcia Curran reported that recent program on NPR’s Take Away segment on Saturday Feb. 16th featured Mica Bernstein from Tufts who talked about three different scenarios to reform gerrymandering .  This is particularly pertinent for NC and Michigan. You can download the podcast
Drawn Out: The Value of a Vote, From Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court
Posted: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 00:00:00 -0500 Play Now   Feb. 16, 2018:  Pennsylvania finds itself at the turning point in a major national fight over redistricting.

Promote he Vote

LWV meets on Feb 21 at 6pm at Sutton’s Bay Fire Station for the Promote the Vote. Issues that will be discussed include reinforcing the right to vote, current restrictions such as change of address. Eg. College students who go to school in one state but live in another state may be denied ability to vote and more.

Line 5

For many months, we have been frustrated in our efforts to deal with state elected officials and gain traction for our initiative to shut down Line 5.  We have recently decided to go to federal level with a plan to push out the effort at the national level. Our effort includes contacting our Senators who have staff on committees and subcommittees that deal specifically with environmental issues.

Sinclair Broadcasting situation

Our plan of action includes asking members of ITC plus members of other area indivisible groups, IGT and Leelanau Indivisible, to keep a “diary” for the next weeks. Members will watch Channel 7 and 4 at the 5pm, 6pm and 11pm broadcasts. Record the date, time and include a description of news that is not local and or slanted to reflect bias. Terror alerts from Washington, DC, “Boris” presentations that include a particular national viewpoint are just a few examples.

Next meeting is March 4, 2018 (

February 10, 2018

National Indivisible Action Plan for Feb 17-25

Look at the first 4 links included below.  These give great info regarding actions we should be taking with others across the country to resist the Trump agenda during the upcoming Congressional recess.  It is up to us to make a difference for the Dreamers, to stop the deceitful harmful infrastructure plan, to speak out against the most recent proposed budget, and to reverse the Republican tax scam.  Will we work to make a difference?  It is up to us!!!


Check out our one-stop-IndivisiRecess-shop at Then:

  1. Get familiar with this recess’ policy priorities and town hall questions
  2. Start planning your (Not So) Empty Chair Town Hall with our new, improved toolkit
  3. Check to see if your MoCs are having a townhall (powered by our friends at Town Hall Project!) and be sure to search to find IndivisiRecess events near you.

February 9, 2018

Upcoming actions (courtesy of IGT)

Courtesy of Irene Cotter of ITC

IGT ACTIONS for the Week of February 6 – February 13, 2018



2/10:  Documentary film on Opioid Addiction produced by TC Middle Schoolers.  7:00pm at Centre Ice Arena with a hockey fundraiser, proceeds going to a memorial to former student Alex Grizzel.

2/13:  Marion Kromkowski, President of the League of Women Voters, Leelanau will speak at our regular noon IGT meeting about the League’s efforts to tackle $$ in politics. We will make a donation to LWVLC.

2/17:  Democratic Party Winter Rally.  Grand Traverse Resort. 6:00 pm.  There will be a number of speakers, including Debbie Stabenow and Matt Morgan

2/20:  Matt Morgan Letter Writing Party.  Campaign Headquarters, 232 E. Front Street.  6 – 9pm Come help fold, stuff and hand address envelopes as Matt signs letters!

2/21:  European Refugee Camps: A Volunteer’s Perspective. Traverse Area District Library (Woodmere), 6:30-8:00 p.m.

2/27:  Opioid Forum by Addiction Treatment Services CEO Chris Hindbaugh and panel will speak at our regular IGT noon meeting. We will make a donation to ATS.

3/17:  Matt Morgan Fundraiser “Prom Night” at the TC Country Club

3/20:  Michigan Campaign Finance Network Executive Director, Craig Mauger will educate us on all aspects of money in politics at our regular noon IGT meeting.  We will make a donation to MCFN.

3/27 – 3/29: Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference. Amway Hotel, Grand Rapids.

4/19:  Candidate Abdul El-Sayed will hold a town hall meeting at the Grand Traverse Resort. 6:00-7:30 pm.

February 7, 2018

Upcoming events and actions

Actions and some upcoming events:

1. Oppose an invasive new ICE program of tracking license plates.  We need to contact Senator Gary Peters, , Senator Debbie Stabenow, , and of course Representative Jack Bergman, , and ask them to use their influence to oppose this program:

Here’s a script you can use:

Hi, This is _________________ writing to express my concern about ICE’s plans to install license plate readers to track and photograph U.S. citizens and immigrants.  I understand you are limited in impacting ICE’s practices, but this technology risks violating citizens’ privacy and increases anxiety in our communities.  This is not the direction I want for my Country or my community which depends heavily on seasonal migrant and immigrant workers. What can you do to reign in an ICE overreach?

2. Of course, we stand with DACA recipients!  Contact Senator Gary Peters, , Senator Debbie Stabenow, , and of course Representative Jack Bergman,

I am writing to express my concern of the President’s continuing anti-immigrant rhetoric.  People who immigrate to the U.S. from other countries bring new jobs, create new businesses, and enrich our communities.  I want you to support the Dream Act (S.1615) (or if you are writing to Jack Bergman use H.R. 3440), family unification, and NO FUNDING for a wasteful wall or surplus border staffing.  

3. March 6, 9am-4pm. 2018 Great Lakes Conference. Kellogg Center, East Lansing, MI. Sponsors: MSU’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and Institute of Water Research; Michigan Sea Grant Extension, and the Office of the Great Lakes, Michigan Department of  Natural Resources with support from the USGS Water Resources Research Program.

Cost: $10 in advance; $12 after registration closes (Feb. 28)

Register through the conference website or call (517) 353-9222 for further information.

4. March 8, 6:30pm-9pm.  Solar Success Stories. Multiple speakers TADL. Sponsor: NMEAC

5. April 13, 6pm-9pm.  30th Annual Environmentalist of the Year awards and Celebration. Guest Speaker Holly Bird of the Grand Traverse Band. Music by Brotha James. Milliken Auditorium and Dennos Museum.  Nominations open now until Mach 24.  Go to for online nomination form and more info.







February 6, 2018

Minutes of February 4, 2018 membership meeting

February 4, 2018 Meeting Notes

Indivisible Traverse City meets every 1st & 3rd Sunday 10-11:30 at Workshop Brewing Co. These minutes will be posted on our Facebook page and the Indivisible Traverse City website.

See the 2018 calendar on the web page The meeting was called to order at 10am by co-chair, Margaret Mansour. Agenda and the notes from the January 21 meeting were approved.


Chair:  We were reminded that voting for new officers is scheduled in March. On March 4, those interested in a position can declare their candidacy and voting will occur the following meeting on Mar 18th.

  Margaret reported that there was a good turnout at Dan O’Neil’s meeting for the “meet and greet” at his home for precinct delegates and other volunteers for his campaign..  Many members of Indivisible TC attended.  There is a need for more people to sign-up to become precinct delegates for the GT Democrats.  There are over fifty open positions. John Snow reported that to become a delegate one must fill in a one page form at the County Clerk’s office by the beginning of May and your name will be placed on the August ballot.  You must become a member of the county (free) and the state Democratic party ($10).  Most positions will be uncontested. You will then have a two-year term as a leader in the county and state Democratic party.  There is the hope that the delegates will synchronize their efforts in communicating with the public (mainly communicating with your neighbors) and getting out the vote in the autumn.

 The FCC has informed the Senate that they have voted to repeal net neutrality regulations. From the time the Senate informed the House, the Congress has 60 days to vote to reverse that decision.  If they do nothing to oppose this decision in 60 days, net neutrality has ended. Now is the time to lobby our Congress people.

Linda and Margaret have attended some Facebook training sessions, and Linda will be taking over posting items on our Facebook page.

Secretary and Treasurer:  Both were absent from today’s meeting.

Outreach: Maggie Singer reported on recent Outreach activities that included a joint meeting with Indivisible Grand Traverse and Leelanau Indivisible. The three  groups agreed to collaborate and form a Core Group that will continue to meet, and when possible, hold programs together.  Indivisible GT offered their meeting place at the Unitarian Universalist Church as a possible venue to accommodate a large group for invited speakers.  They also extended an invitation to our group to hear the scheduled speaker discuss “Money in Politics” on Tuesday, Feb 13 at noon. The next Core Group meeting with other area Indivisibles is scheduled for March 1, 11am at the Flap Jack Shack.



Voters Not Politicians/Voters rights: Marcia had nothing new to report.

501c4 status: Lynne has contacted Robert W. Parker, a lawyer recommended by the chair of Leelanau LWV.  He is willing to work with us pro bono to create the paperwork and do the filings necessary for us to obtain this status.  There will be fees to pay, we will need a EIN number, we will need to file annual reports, and we will need to have the officers and hold the necessary meetings that this status requires.  Lynne will wait until after this Wednesday, February 7th when she is participating on a national Indivisible telephone call about their efforts to create some sort of national system in which local Indivisible groups can participate and receive  funding with the use of debit cards.  Once Lynne learns more about this program, she will report back to our group on whether it is appropriate to move forward on our own with Mr Parker’s help.  She will continue to keep our group informed.

Repeal and Replace Bergman:  Lynne announced that Dwight Brady has formally dropped his candidacy and that Lon Johnson has not entered the race, at least at this time.  Bill reviewed last year’s work done by our Candidate Screening Committee.  That group created a questionaire to send to prospective candidates to use as a screening tool if they wanted to come and speak to us.  Both Mr Brady and Mr Morgan completed the questionnaire and for the most part agreed with our positions. Paul had conversations with aides for Mr. El Sayed and Ms. Whitman, but neither completed the questionnaire or offered a date to meet with us. It was moved and seconded that at their February meeting, the Steering Committee will create a plan to present to our group about how we can decide whether to support or endorse specific candidates in the August primary and the November elections.  This plan will involve making recommendations based on the Indivisible publication, “A Practical Guide for Endorsing in Primaries and Beyond”.  Instead of inviting candidates to speak to our group, we will consider working through our Outreach committee and Core Group partners to create candidate forums or debates, most likely to take place in the summer or fall. .

On March 3, there is a Candidate Forum in Detroit. On Feb 17, the GT Dems are sponsoring a Winter Rally at the Grand Traverse Resort where Matt Morgan, Shri Thanedar, Gretchen Whitmer, among others, will be speaking.  All of us are encouraged to attend these events. (See announcements for these events attached below)

Line 5: Lynne reported that Brenda Rusch met with Matt Morgan last week. He was supportive of her ideas and felt her strategy would be a useful addition to already ongoing efforts.  He gave advice to her on who to contact to help get the Department of Homeland Security involved.  Brenda will continue to keep our group updated.  

Sinclair Broadcasting:  Ted Iorio again led a discussion regarding so-called “fake news”, Terrorist Report and right leaning broadcasting on local Traverse City TV stations, now owned by Sinclair Broadcasting.  Sinclair is hoping to merge with Tribune Media, which will give the company access to 72% of the American television audience. Last fall, we began and then abandoned an effort to influence this situation.  Last year, 7&4 News refused to meet with us regarding our concerns.  Instead, they referred us to their national headquarters who in these many months since have not returned our calls. Today’s group approved a motion to have our steering committee move to finalize a plan to contact 7&4  advertisers, requesting that they join us in voicing our concerns to the station. The plan will also include public education and developing partners with other organizations already involved with this national issue.   

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting Sunday, February 18.    (



Respectively submitted by Bill Gittlen



CHP_MI_Governor forumSierra Club is working with more than 40 organizations to host a candidate forum featuring candidates vying to be Michigan’s next Governor.



Sierra Club is working with more than 40 organizations to host a candidate forum featuring candidates vying to be Michigan’s next Governor.


Join us on Saturday, March 3 at 12 pm. Tickets are free but space is limited, so make sure to reserve your ticket here. This forum will focus on progressive issues. We are developing hard-hitting questions about environmental justice to ask the candidates. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!