June 12, 2017

06-11-17 Minutes

Minutes of 15th Indivisible Traverse City Meeting
Workshop Brewery, Sunday, June 11, 2017
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, attendees and Workshop staff were thanked.
Jen of Up North Pride spoke to the group about Traverse City’s upcoming Official Pride Week, June 21 through June 25.  The event, which began as a gathering at Little Fleet in 2014 with 300 people, has grown yearly to 1200 people in 2015, and to about 3000 people last year.  There are events each day with a Block Party at 1pm at Little Fleet on Saturday, June 24 and a parade on Sunday, June 25 at 1pm.  For more info go to  Jen thanked our Indivisible Traverse City group , especially our civil rights subgroup, for all the support we have been giving to the gay community, and she invited us all to attend this years’ event.
Gretchen then announced that this the week we begin a new format for our Sunday morning meetings, in which after just a few announcements, we will break up into our groups to work on our specific actions, which we did.  At the meeting’s end we will re-gather for about 10 minutes for any announcements that groups want to make.  Hopefully, each week one of our 6 groups will give a longer report to more fully inform the entire gathering what they are up to.  All group leaders and anyone else is encouraged to send their thoughts and suggestions to Gretchen or Lynne regarding possible formats for future meetings.
Actions, Activities, Statistics:
1. Shut Down Line 5 bus to Petoskey on Monday, June 12. The bus was full, until today when several people canceled for various reasons, so now a few seats are again available.
2. Useful websites for actions relating to resistance:,,,
3. Tuesday 10:30am gathering at Rep Bergman’s office: All are encouraged to attend.
        Recommended issues for comment:
We need a GT Town Hall.
We need you to insist on an Independent Commission to all matters related to the Trump/Russian connection and possible collusion
Now is the time to begin impeachment hearings: conflicts of interest, possible collusion with Russians, accepting emoluments, obstruction of justice, lying and pattern of discrimination.
4. Support calls to Senators Peters and Stabenow to defend the ACA.
5. Statistics regarding the impact of proposed Trump Care on the Michigan population:
Average premium increase for 2018: $569
Medicaid coverage losses $343,400
Individual coverage losses: $95,000
Total health insurance coverage losses: $536,800
Employer sponsored coverage losses: $98,200
Thanks to all of those who attended today. Peace to all.
The next TC Indivisible meeting will be Sunday, June 25,11am at the Workshop Brewery.  We will not be meeting on June 18 because of Fathers Day and we will not be meeting on July 2 because of the the Fourth of July and Cherry Festival.  The front door will be locked this summer.  Please use the east side door entrance.
Respectfully submitted,
Bill Gittlen